29-11-05 - Lira of Italian Republic

Lira of Italian Republic is a project of the “Officina della Medaglia”,so called because this project wants to create a series of coins-medals representing the eleven main coins of the Lira denomination,in other to keep alive the Lira of Italian Republic.The idea,of reproducing these coins, came from Spartaco Nanni,who founded the“Officina della Medaglia”.He was born in Civitella S.Paolo(Rome) in 1949.He started working at a young age and he soon met well-known and professional artists from whom he aquired his first impression on metalworking.In 1977 he won a public competition for a job post and was hired by the Federal Mint as a speciaized craftsman in the Workshop of the Coin Production Department,where he was also responsible for.Aftrewards,in 2000 he founded “Officina della Medaglia”,which produce the coins of the Lira of Italian Republic.”Officina della Medaglia”wants to create,with the permission of the Ministry of Economics and Finance,an important and an exclusive Golder and Silver Italian Lira Collection in proof quality(shiny background)in strictly limited quantities composed of 11 coins based on the history of Italian Republic up to the introduction of the Euro.It is,above all,an initiative for keeping the history of Italian Lira alive and safe culture and art.”Officina della Medaglia” designs and mints coins,custom and commemorative medallions in proof quality,newly minted and glazed,artistic castings in bronze and other precious metals,art pieces made in part or entirely out of precious metals and precious stone,gold and silver leaf prints.To conclude,for all lovers of the Lira of Italian Republic,who want always keep in mind the history of Italian Lira,contact “Officina della Medaglia”.The idea is to reproduce Lira coins and sell them all over the world.Therefore,for further information about that,surf the following website: .Besides,the Lira Collection is also available in silver.

Viale Carnaro, 15/B - 00141 Rome, ITALY
Tel 0039.06.8186054
Fax 0039.06.87198077

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