Email Marketing:SendMinerPro is do-it-yourself Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the professional service of sending Emails.Do-it-yourself Email Marketing ensures you more than a 10.000 sendings with huge discounts.SendminerPro is a personalized solution of company management of Sintra Consulting's Email Newsletter.It offers three opportunities in a one solution:
1.Create your own email list:
-you can register to the datebase directly from your company website;
-gather information,interests and navigator's emails;
-easy imports of OPTIN lists.
2. Create your advertising Newsletter:
-email imports into HTML
-easy change of contents and links;
-include the method of “Tell it to a friend”.
3.Manage your email campaign automatically:
-a complete management of cicling registration and unsubscribe
-a division of contacts
-a management of useless emails.
The customers both of Sintra Consulting and SendminderPro are FERPI(Federazione Italiana Esperti Relazioni Pubbliche),Totem (Totem S.r.l.),FindIT(which works in the on-line communication),Hobbydonna (which cares about
women's leisure time and to conclude Beads&Co(the shop on-line by SemAr).

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52100 Arezzo ITALY
Tel: 0039.0575.383429
Fax: 0039.0575.980734

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